To Blog or Not to Blog

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

One of the first question friends (and strangers, now that I think about it) ask me when they hear I am a grad student in Creative Writing is “do you have a blog?” I have been giving that question a lot of thought lately, and come to the conclusion that, if you’re a writer, you apparently are supposed to also be a blogger. I’m not ashamed to admit (well, maybe a little) that, even though there are days when I spend upwards of 14 hours on the computer, I read my first blog a couple of weeks ago and only yesterday began exploring the blogging world. Oh, my. I had no idea. What hole have I been living in?

Of course, I have had to adjust my thinking a little bit. Anybody who thinks they have something interesting to say has a blog. That could be the political analyst in Washington or the serial killer that lives in the neighborhood eyesore (although my guess is that if you have a serial killer in your neighborhood, his hedges are trimmed and his house is immaculate). So, this puts me in a bit of a bind. Do I blog or don’t I? Do I have anything interesting enough to say that others might actually want to read? Uh oh. If not, why the heck am I thousands of dollars in debt studying writing, for goodness sake? Isn’t the point of writing to share with others your thoughts and ideas?

I obviously opted to stick around – for a bit, anyway – and see how it goes. I may be a little self-indulgent at times, but my intent is to address issues here that affect us all and, hopefully, from a little different perspective. Comments, suggestions, and ideas are welcome.


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