The High Cost of Insurance

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

In all of the political talk of the past 2 months or, for that matter, of the whole presidential campaign, or last 8 years, I haven’t heard a word about the obscene amount of money the drug manufacturers are making. I haven’t heard, either, a single suggestion or solution for the problem we seem to be having in this country with the high cost of prescription drugs and the effect it’s having on those who are unable to afford them.

In January, I had a prescription filled for an anti-convulsant. With insurance, it cost me $965.00 for a 30 day supply. That drug alone did $1,837,388,000 in sales for its manufacturer in 2007.


Last year in January, that same drug was $650 with insurance. It’s increased $315.00 in just a year.

Last year, I couldn’t afford it, and I discovered that, if you have private insurance, drug manufacturers will not help with the expense of their medications. The only way you qualify for help is if you are uninsured.

So, let’s look at that a minute. I’m working a full-time job and my employer is paying a portion of my health insurance coverage. I’m picking up the rest. The plan I have has a $3000 deductible; I have to meet the deductible, and then everything is covered 100%, with some limitations. In the long run, the plan is the least expensive for me; I end up paying less per year on this plan than on the others that are offered.

But, if my prescription costs $1000.00 for 30 days, I have to pay $1000.00 upfront. There’s no payment plan for that. And how many common folk have that kind of money lying around to throw away on a 30 day supply of medicine??? If I don’t take my medicine, I may wind up in the hospital, which will likely cost more than $3000, and the insurance company will end up paying for it anyway.

Insurance should be there to help make drugs and services more affordable. If it’s dictating whether or not I take my medicine, or forcing me to make changes that are not necessarily better for my health, then somebody needs to take a look at its role in our health care system. Because I think I would rather have no insurance, and be able to decide about my own health, than have insurance, and be dictated to about how to manage it.


That’s BS.


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