Writing, or Thinking about Writing, My Thesis

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It’s way past my bedtime, but in any case, if I’m going to be up, I ought to be up writing my thesis. That is, I tell myself, what a real writer would be doing. Instead, I’m fiddling with the settings and design on my new blog, importing posts from the old one, and I’m thinking about no, not the reorganization of Chapter 7 in my thesis, but about whether or not I should use “pizza” or “panini” in the title of  my blog. Yes. Important stuff.
I did that fun little writing analysis today. www.iwl.me After providing a sample of my writing, I found out that, based on word choice and sentence structure and who-knows-what else, I write most like Stephen King. I haven’t decided yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Of course, Kathie Lee Gifford took the same test and got the same response.  They probably have just two or three authors plugged into the results.  Anyway, one thing for sure. I do not have his gift for writing ad infinitum. I bet Stephen would have finished my thesis by now.
My thesis is actually quite far along. I’ve written large parts of every chapter but two and the outline is complete, so I’m satisfied with my final plan. I think my problem stems from a lack of self-confidence in my writing ability; even though I know my subject matter and I’m happy with what I’ve written so far, I get discouraged every time I read it, finding things with which I’m sure others will find fault. In fact, the people who have read the parts that are finished do like it. What I need to get over – and I do think it is a matter of just getting over it – is the fact that not everybody is going to like what I have to say. That has to be ok. The best I can hope for is that some people will get it and appreciate it.
Not quite knowing how to address the larger audience has been a bit of a problem for me with this thesis, and has complicated some of the writing.  I wasn’t even thinking about the larger audience, to tell you the truth; what would Stephen say to that?  He-who-writes-every-book-like-a-screenplay would likely shudder.  Now I am rethinking my outline, which I was so proud to say was complete just a week ago, and I’ve had to revise my introduction and one chapter already.  I fear that I will never, ever finish this project.

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