Polar Bears, Pizza, and Poppycock

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some folks have asked me about the title of my blog.  I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something cute and clever, something that would identify me as a wordsmith, but in the end, I really had to sit back and think about this blog and what kinds of things I would be writing about.  Although I am a writer, I probably will not be writing about the craft here.  That bores me.  I like to explore and comment on life.  It doesn’t matter much to me what editors think about the placement of commas and semicolons; I’m more concerned with poaching in East Africa and global human trafficking.  Politics and spirituality are more important to me than whether or not plot overwhelms characterization in a particular novel. 

So, life it is.  That’s a pretty broad category, but I am fascinated by so much of what is around us.  I used to wish that I could hone in on one thing and that would be my focus.  Many bloggers do that very thing, talking about knitting or avocado trees or being the parents of twins.  But I am insatiably curious, and drink in whatever happens my way. 

Each of the elements in my title symbolizes an aspect of life that I expect to focus on here.  “Polar bears” takes on two meanings: animals specifically, and a more general look at the spiritual/religious world.  Why polar bears to signify spirituality?  Well, the polar or white bear is  my animal totem, an animal with which I connect on a spiritual level.  For more information on this, or to find your own animal totem, go here:  http://www.animaltotem.com/find-your-totem.html  The raven, wolf, and the dragonfly also serve as my totems. 

“Pizza” represents the mundane in the world that I will be exploring.  When I think here of “mundane,” I’m thinking of the definition “of the earth” or “commonplace” as opposed to “dull.”  Anything not spiritual will fit in this category.

And “poppycock,” well…we all have to have a little bit of fun and nonsense in our lives.  This category will be the toughest for me to explore, because it’s taken me a very long time to learn how to have fun and play.  I think I’m finally getting there, though, so look for some quirky posts on this one.

Polar Bears, Pizza, and Poppycock.  Never know what you’ll find around the corner.


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