Back in the Public Eye

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

A few years ago someone told me that a writer needed a “public presence.” That, for anyone who wanted to make it as a writer, she needed to have a blog devoted to writing and she should be established on all the responsible (?) social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. I took that to heart, and made sure I had a fairly clean presence and following on both, and started a blog. The blog was more of a current event/opinion venue, but it was a place for me to write every day and a site where others could get to know me.

It didn’t work out so well. I’m really not a write-an-essay-every-day sort of writer, which is what it began to feel like. I tried renaming it – redefining its purpose, so that it felt more authentic to me – but even that sort of fell flat, so it dropped by the wayside. I felt guilty and like a failure because…well, isn’t that what writers are supposed to do?

That was back in August. In retrospect, there’s been a lot going on. I’ve been working on other writing projects (hm…I actually have been writing, go figure); I’ve been trying to pull my life together. But in truth, a very large part of my time has been spent (and continues to be spent) shaking free of all the things everybody else has wanted me to be all of my life and becoming what and who I am, underneath all the layers of a complex individual I don’t know and really haven’t liked very much.

So, all apologies done and aside. I’m back. As a writer in my own right. Not because I should be, but because I want to be.


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