Waiting for the Asteroid

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been pretty depressed these days.  Finances have been tight, dark and sad memories from a not-so-distant past have been resurfacing as I put the wraps on the first draft of my memoir, health issues drain my energy, and we’re quickly approaching that season of “joy,” where everybody fights for that one remaining talking penguin in aisle 7 they must have for little Johnny and everybody is arguing over whether it should be “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”

And then there are the other, life issues, the ones that have nothing to do with the time of year.  I turned on CNN Monday night and, after repeated and lengthy delays, an announcement was made that the grand jury had completed their investigation in the Darren Wilson case, and they had did not find cause for an indictment.

For those unaware of this case, here is a link to a summary of what happened from two different perspectives:


The news story can be found all over the internet, though. If you want more detailed information, please search for it and read up on it.

Since the shooting, there have been protesters in Ferguson, some peaceful and some not.  Since the announcement from the grand jury that Darren Wilson will not be indicted, there has been both non-violent civil disobedient protest and extreme violent protest, in Ferguson and other cities.  From what I’ve read and heard, those who are protesting believe that this is “simply” yet another incidence of a white cop killing a black kid/man and a corrupt system allowing him to get away with it.  While that may be oversimplified, that is what I’m seeing and hearing said, time and again, in blogs, comments to news stories, Facebook, and everywhere else folks can express themselves.

I don’t know what happened on August 9th in Ferguson.  And I don’t know how anybody who wasn’t there, in that police car or walking in Michael Brown’s shoes or at his side, can.  From the description of the scene, it was chaotic.  And yet, people are focused only on black and white, and making judgments and very bad decisions on anger stemming from that alone.

You know what?  I’m angry, too.  I’m angry and deeply saddened every time I hear that another cop has shot a black man or a kid with a toy gun.  I’m angry every time I hear and see video of a cop beating a woman at a traffic stop.  This bullshit has to stop.  But, I am just as angry when I see protesters burn down the livelihoods of innocent people and destroy the property of police departments and otherwise violently express their anger and outrage on communities instead of using that energy in a constructive way to make changes.

Violence NEVER creates a solution.  It only creates more violence.

Me?  I’m waiting for that illusive asteroid.  You know…the one that they always say will hit the earth and knock her off her course and kill us all.  Then, maybe, we can start all over again.  Put some intelligent, compassionate people on this planet.


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