A Response to the “Dear Fat People” Video

Posted: September 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Anyone who keeps up with the daily news (or, arguably, who does not live under a rock) has likely read or seen some evidence of the systematic degradation of a large element of our society’s common decency toward others. It’s evident certainly in politics, with parties divided so cleanly right and left that it’s a wonder they have remained on the same continent. Religious groups are almost worse, professing truth and love and then denigrating fellow citizens and killing those who don’t share in the same beliefs. Is it really a surprise when egregious behavior – in the form of physical and emotional bullying and, sometimes, shooting first and never asking the questions – spills over into the general population when the ones who are meant to uphold the laws and morals of the country are clearly unable to do so?

I ran across this video the other day while I was perusing Facebook – which I’ve come to find is a receptacle for all things beautiful, thoughtful, funny, interesting, disgusting, and incredibly putrid – and I was angry, saddened, offended, and puzzled, not only by what I heard, but also by what I read in the comments section.  If you haven’t seen or listened to it, please do, if you can stand it.  It’s by Nicole somebodyorother.  She bills herself as a comedienne, but it’s really not very funny.


Wasn’t that fun?  *Deep breath*  I was going to write my gut reaction to the video, but that would be violating my practice of right speech, which I am working hard on these days.  Still need to work on right thought, I guess.  Anyway, Nicole somebodyorother has an issue with people who are overweight.  We got that. I’m thinking she probably could have expressed it in a less hurtful, more constructive way, but after listening to this 6 minute rant, I get the sense that she is not capable of an intelligent discussion on this topic (And maybe not on any).  She really only had one thing to say about it over and over again. Fat people are fat because 1. They eat too much, 2. They are lazy, and 3. She is disgusted by them.

Well, she may be disgusted by people who carry too much weight (I would be one of those and I can personally say that I am more than disgusted by people like this woman who rant and rave and talk about people without any kind of care or compassion), but on points 1 and 2 I can also say the girl needs to do some more homework.

Yes, people who are overweight often eat more than they should.  There is way more to it than that, though.  Not once did she or anyone in the comments mention the fact that sometimes medications cause weight and/or water gain or appetite increase and that once that weight has been gained it is often impossible to lose. I took Depakote for several years for my seizures and gained 60lbs while on it and was never able to lose that weight.  The medicine was a lifesaver for me; I had to take it. There are a number of medical conditions that cause an increase in weight and, if the condition is not cured or controlled, neither will be the weight.  Surgeries, finances, mental illness, genetics, all these plus other things, can play a role in a person’s weight.  Those who judge by appearance alone really only show their own shortcomings.

And one final word to those who call people out about their appearance.  Why don’t you take a breath and ask yourself why it matters to you so much.  What does it matter to you what I look like?


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