Protecting our “Stupid” Country

Posted: July 2, 2018 in Uncategorized
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During a talk on trade last week, Trump said that the U.S. has been taken advantage of for far too long.  He proudly proclaimed that the U.S. is a “smart” country again, not the “stupid” country that it was under past administrations.

In what has been a confused, hateful, misdirected disaster of an administration, this comment hardly stands out.  Trump has mocked the disabled, threatened all sorts of folks who think differently than he, praised white supremacists, and has thousands of documented lies to his name.  It even makes a sad sort of sense that he would call the US prior to his tenure as president stupid.

So what, in Donald Trump’s world, makes “America” stupid?  Without taking the time to go into specific details, I think this can be summed up as any policy – written or understood – and any law that defends civil and human rights, encourages cooperation with allies, protects or defends women – and the climate, the environment, and the animal kingdom – and generally anything that doesn’t generate a profit, either for the country or Trump.

(Many, many more things make Trump stupid, least of all which is his use of “America” to denote all the land between the borders of Canada and Mexico.)

Oh, and apparently abiding by the Constitution.

And what makes this country “smart?”  Well again, generally, the opposite of all of the above.  Misogyny, racism, the defense of our southern border (without actually thinking it through first), anything which violates the rights of anyone who is not a white Christian male, destroying public land for a profit, denying years and years of documented scientific research, and…well, you get the picture.

Trump, like many “Americans,” is arrogant in assuming that the people in this country are not and have never been nationalistic.  He is, in his mind anyway, destined to create a national pride that will, of course, threaten everybody else.  “America First is very threatening to others. We don’t want to be threatening,” Mr. Trump said, adding that the focus is making America “great” again.

The mere boosting of pride, industry, and self-determination is certainly not a threat to anyone; it is what every country works to achieve and maintain. It is what allows states to work together and make the world a more livable one.  But nearly everything Trump does is threatening – to our allies, to our own well-being, and to the safety of the world at large.  It has become evident over the last year or so, that what he thinks is great for the United States threatens a large portion of the population within its borders. We have become a country that has lost much (though certainly not all) of its compassion for those who are different and policies that will benefit them. We have a businessman (and not a very good one at that) for a leader who, because of his lack of knowledge, political sense, and diplomacy (not to mention a staff that will do his bidding at any cost) is working to create policies that pose a threat not just to us, but to the entire planet.

In ways that we’ve probably never experienced before, it is the duty of each and every one of us to protect the US and the rest of the world, not from the “stupid” country that we were, but from the stupid country we have become.


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